Introduction: Trash to Treasure; State of the Art Office From Reused Stuffs

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Hey guys….

Like a trend, the covid-19 pandemic has lead to a lot of work at home laws, instruction, decrees, enforcement and the most interesting part innovations. As a biomedical technologist attached to one of the general hospitals in my country I have the duty of maintaining the equipments, researching and and documenting equipment log and writing manuals for some antique equipments sent down to us. ........ Did you guys just laugh any way no hard feelings its the truth even though its quite sad. So i decided to show you my adaptations for working from home.

Step 1: Clearing Out, Cleaning and Furniture Setup.

After moving out all the junk sorting and burning some of it, now with cleaning done i brought in a standing fan, waste bucket, rewired the lighting and it was time to assemble my arsenal.

Step 2: Modes

I swapped out the reading chair in there for the work chair in my room. Then I set up the laptop given to me by the hospital. We have a desktop at home which was part of my planned work station. It’s a raspberry pi system and oops! I don’t know how it happened but the cockroaches seem to have had a field day pissing all over the board and it won’t come on even after tinkering with it. Moving on with a heavy shoulder.......

Step 3: Saved by Grace

So while I was searching for my old Samsung phone which I wanted to use as my wireless ISP, I stumbled upon a great find my old compag 610 laptop. The screen was bad, the battery is dead but all in all the system was good. After cleaning and testing I decided to disconnect the keyboard because a key was stuck and the mouse pad too which also made the external usb mouse flicker.

Also note that most systems lid are set to shut down or sleep the system once you close it so to prevent that all you have to do is change the settings in the advanced power options.

  • click on the battery icon
  • click power options
  • click on advanced power options
  • scroll to power button and lids options
  • change it to "do nothing" and your done
  • i attached a video too.

Step 4: Upgrade for My Improvised Wireless ISP Device

I will like to state here that this is a Samsung GT-N7100 and the issue it had was over heating which always drained the battery as I browse. Based on my past experience with the phone it also tends to stop browsing when it heats up. Making a simple cooler will suffice and it worked. Materials include cardboard, glue gun, ac fan, scissors, ruler and pencil. Make a box with a hole to slide in the phone depending on the type of fan you have. Follow the image step.

Step 5: Power Up and Configure

After powering up the system it was time to network the systems to the wireless network. It is a very easy process with the following steps;


1. Press menu

2. goto settings

3. more network under connections

4. activate mobile hotspots

5. tap on the mobile hotspots to open its setting click on configure

6. mobile hotspot settings opens change security from open to WPA2 PSK OR ANY OTHER SECURITY SETUP YOUR PHONE HAS.

7. Set a password and you are done.(i can not over emphasize the need to lock your wifi ISP device)

8. Don’t close the menu yet……..

For the systems configuration;

1. Switch on your wifi either through the keyboard or switch on the computer

2. Refresh the list and select the name of your phone

3. Type your password from the WPA2 PSK security setup in the phone and voila you are done.

4. For more security go back to the phone and click hide my device this will prevent unnecessary attempt to hack your improvised ISP

Place the phone back into its cooler and work away…

Step 6: Testing Connectivity..........

Honestly the setup worked out far better than i expected since i didnt have money to spent on some new equipment by the way it wasnt like there stores were also open either...

Step 7: Add Ons and Enhancements...

moving files between the two system since I do not have a Lan or any other hardware was abit hard. i have a hp pocket media drive so I decided to activated the bit locker on the drive to unlock automatically on my two systems. Reason: for instantenous access in moving files across. Also the bluetooth of the systems are working if I have to copy small files across. To set up right click on the Bluetooth icon on the task bar select add a new device when it finds the other system a passcode is displayed crosscheck and accept the pairing and that is it.

n/p most times the Bluetooth will likely not be detected because it will be set to hidden mode so you need to enable it by going to Bluetooth properties there you will see discovery mode.

Step 8: Getting (COVIDLY) Busy

With this setup i can write, upload,download and publish to our home group network

Step 9: And a Little Play Since the Boss Is Not Around....

Am not much of a tech guru but suffice it to say this setup works pretty well if you love my instructable please vote me…..

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