Introduction: Travel Hack Moisturizer Pots

Got some empty body butter pots kicking around? You can use them to store all your loose bits and bobs, and they're also perfect for concealing things inconspicuously; nobody thinks to question you carrying around a tub of moisturizer.

Great for carrying your emergency kit on a day out hiking without worrying about the police finding a pen knife on you, probably not great for trying to smuggle sharps etc through customs though.

Step 1: What to Put in Them?

The pots I used are Body Butter tubs from The Body Shop (though other brands are available :D) and depending on what you use them for you can decide to keep the labels on or not.

For example with my 'apocalypse' tub I decided to keep the labels on in case I ever get bag searched; body butter really doesn't look out of place in a girl's back pack which means I can store my swiss knife, water purification tablets, fire starter, wire saw and other knickknacks. But with my other tubs, which are used for storing non suspect items, I took the labels off.

These pots are awesome for stashing loose items in my army kit and I've used mine to keep together my sewing kit and another for an assortment of hairbands and elastics. Although another great use would be for keeping dry tinder and a fire starter for any damp camping trips.

They're neat and tidy and won't leave you flustered when you end up digging through your case for this or that, instead you can permanent marker pen your tubs to keep them organised in your suitcase.

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