Introduction: Tree Cone of Lights

Easy to do tree cone with lights.


  • tomato cage / plant support (I used 33 in. height with a 12 in. width)
  • fishing line or thin wire
  • strong tape, ex. duct tape, electrical tape
  • string of mini lights (I used 2 strings of mini lights of 100 count)
  • scissors

Step 1: Create the Top Point

  1. Turn tomato cage upside down
  2. Pinch the three ends together, you can also slightly bend them inwards towards the center
  3. Tape the ends together by wrapping tape around them a few times to keep them from pulling apart

Step 2: Add Extra Shape Support (optional)

Note: This step is optional, here we are creating additional vertical support lines for the lights to press on and help keep the full cone shape. With only the three support wires it took on more of a triangle shape.

  1. Take a piece of fishing line about double the height of the cone (~58in. for me)
  2. Tie a loop on one end (I used an overhand loop knot)
  3. Hold the loop inside the cone just above the top ring between two of metal vertical support wires. Bring the string under the large bottom ring and back up through loop on the outside of the cone
  4. Tie the line off on the loop and top ring

Repeat steps for the other two spacings.

Step 3: Wrap Cone With Lights

Note: You can wrap these several ways, below is one approach using 2 100 count mini light strings.

  1. Tie plug to one of the vertical wires to allow some tension while going around the cone
  2. Work to the top in three times around
  3. At the top, wrap around about 1in. from the tip to avoid slipping over and start wrapping downward
  4. Finish the top section with the first string of lights
  5. Attached the second string of lights with the connectors inside and continue wrapping down to the bottom covering the lower two sections

Step 4: Light Them Up!

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