Introduction: Tree Trunk &suculents

Got a tree trunk and some baby suculents? Get them to flourish together


tree trunk

baby suculents


ornaments in hand( stones, shell, moss,broken woodspoon)

screwdriver, to make little holes in tree trunk

Step 1:

Gather all your materials and make some little holes in the tree trunk

Step 2: Little Holes

with the screwdriver make some lillte holes in the tree trunk, depending the size or your rootplant, place gently your suculents and fill with some soil

Step 3: Filling Up the Tree Trunk

put all your suculents, fill with soil, and place some moss to keep moister

Step 4: Use What You Have

use what you have at hand for ornaments, such as little stones, or that broken woodspoon to hold one plant

Step 5:

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