Introduction: Tree of Ice Pendant

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This is a short tutorial on how to make a basic tree of life pendant. This one was made with white wire, and clear and white glass beads.

Supplies needed:

Strong wire that does not bend easily, about 16-20 gauge - here I used silver colored.

Thinner wire that does bend easily but will hold it's shape - I used white wire in 26 gauge.

Beads of whatever color you want to use - I used clear and white glass beads

Wire shaping tools, wire cutters and pliers.

Step 1: Start by Making a Basic Shape

Take stronger wire that doesn't bend easily and shape into a circle the size you want your pendant to be by wrapping it around a round object. Bend the wire where they connect in opposite directions and clip until only about a quarter of an inch remains. Bend the ends down firmly until they remain attached and there are no sharp ends poking out.

Step 2:

Take your thinner wire and cut between 12 and 20 pieces at least an inch bigger than the diameter of your circle. Wrap the ends of your wire around the circle to secure the ends. Make sure no sharp edges remain. Begin to twist two or three wires together, joining with other groups of two or three wires until they resemble tree branches. Twist all bundles together to form the trunk. Use the pliers to put kinks in the "branches" to make them twist however you wish. Spread out the bottom wires under your trunk and either secure them carefully to the other end of the circle or twist a few together to form thicker "roots" and then secure to the circle by twisting around it. Cut ends to fit and bend so that no sharp edges remain.

Step 3:

Take a longer piece of your thinner wire and wrap around the circle somewhere between either the branches or roots. String a bead onto the thinner wire and pull bead tightly against the circle. Wrap the wire around the circle several times to secure the bead in place. Continue this process, going between the branches and roots and around the open areas of the outer circle, securing a bead in place and then wrapping the wire around the outer circle several times. When you have completed wrapping beads and wire all the way around the circle you're done! Place a jump ring at the top and string it on a chain. It's ready to wear!

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