Introduction: Tri Color Sakura Solid Paint Marker

(note this instructable lacks a good adhesive which makes the solid paint bind together better, if you have any input please share)

1. Start by choosing three colors that work well together. Look at color wheel and decide on a color scheme that's harmonious. Also consider the hue of the surfaces the opaque paint will be applied to. Try grouping together only dark colors or bright ones

2. place your splitter cap on the marker. Ensure it is pushed all the way onto the marker before dialing the paint out.

3. check the tip of the marker to be certain the cuts will be even.

Step 1: Split Them Up

1. start dialing the paint out. hold the tip facing downwards so the fragile sticks do not bend or break.

2. once the paint stick has been dialed out all the way slowly start removing the cap. It will be difficult to remove, slowly nudge it a little on each side and repeat until it can be pushed off. be careful not to break any of the solid paint sticks, and keep remembering this through out all these procedures.

3. The stick will dial out fully and its push base will disconnect from the marker body. after removing the split sticks and cap gently glide the splitter off of the sticks.

4. afterwords its usually necessary to cut the paint stick off its base with an x-acto knife.

5. Keep track of all paint sticks and their orientation. The splitters inconsistencies will make uneven divisions and this is unavoidable. just keep track of the pieces by placing in them on a towel and remembering the that the stick that was cut with the single paper clip is the stick that rests face up, the other two sticks are cognitively remembered as left and right. this is done to ensure that all pieces can be easily loaded back into the marker.

Step 2: Reassemble and Clean

1. start combining the colors. replacing left pieces with only left pieces. same goes for the right and the "single paper clip cut" pieces. if all pieces have been kept track of then dialing them back into the marker will be easy and none will break.

2. press all three sticks together and repair any chipped or broken ones.

3. place the plunger inside the marker with pliers. push down on the plunger while dialing it in back inside. it may not catch immediately and it will need to be pushed while turning the dial.

4. as soon as the plunger catches on the threaded spindle place the combined paint sticks onto the plunger.

5. while one hand dials the plunger back into the marker body, the other hand gently pushes the paint sticks into the marker body.

6.once the sticks are all the way dialed back into the marker replace the conic insert on the paint stick tip, this keeps it tip pointy and prevents it from drying out. Give the dial one and half turns outward. this will force the plunger up against the conic insert and mash the paint together. I do this to ensure that the paint sticks will seal together nicely. Afterwords I dial it back a little and relieve the pressure. This isn't a critical step but it seems to work well.

7.use a paper towel to clean the marker body and the splitter. try to remove all traces of paint on the body with a moist towel. Use the X-Acto to scrape the splitter clean and then clean it with a towel.