Tribute to Boy George Face Paint (Taboo Edition)

Introduction: Tribute to Boy George Face Paint (Taboo Edition)

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We're going all "Taboo" for this very special 2-in-1 face painting design dedicated to Boy George. You will see two versions of the design in honor of Boy George's part in the musical "Taboo". The left hand side is the design he sported during the live red carpet event celebrating the musical, while the other side, the right side is when he actually took part in the musical as fellow gender bender and performance artist, Leigh Bowery.

Step 1: First Side

For the first side of the face paint, I began with a large strip of red across the left side of my mouth.

Step 2: Silver Eye

Then, I added a strip of Storm Cloud (Mehron Paradise) for my eye, along with a layer of Urban Decay Electric shadow in Revolt to bring out some definition.

Step 3: Black Eyelid

Then, I added a cat eye inspired shape with black over the eyelid.

Step 4: Do the Other Side

Now, for the other side of the face, I painted the other half my face with white.

Step 5: Black Features

Then, using more black, I added Leigh Bowery features, including the black strip around the mouth, thick lines for both over and under the eye, as well as an exaggerated eyebrow.

Step 6: Finish Off

Finally, I used a few more strips of black to make the drips going down from the edge of the hairline going down the forehead.

Step 7: Done!

Now, here is a look at the finished design from all angles! Enjoy!

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