Introduction: Trip Wire Alarm - Clothespin Activated

The basic idea here is to have a little fun. This device could come in handy if you're playing hide-and-seek, for example, you're hiding and you'd like to know where the seeker is - buzzzzzzzz! Now you know where the seeker is and can get to base. Or if you just wanted to stop people from going into a room, or your room. It is just for fun purposes and creativity.

Step 1: Materials

• Clothespin
• 9V battery
• 9V alarm buzzer
• 9V socket plug
• Two positive/red wires (i happened to not need the black/negative wire below the two red wires so dont worry about that one)
• Electrical tape
• Metallic tape
• Duct tape (preferably for better stick - Scotch tape works but duct tape is always better)
• Scissors
• String or fishing line
• Wire strippers
• Wire cutters

Step 2: Metallic Tape

Cut a, roughly, 3" long piece of the metallic tape.

Next, cut the piece long ways through the center to make 2 pieces.

Step 3: Positive Wires

Take the two red wires and strip the coat off either end of both wires - leaving about a half inch of wire exposed on both.

Then, make a small loop with both wires where you just stripped them.

Step 4: Metallic Tape, Clothespin

Take your two pieces of metallic tape you cut, adjust the width to fit the clothespin "lips", and wrap the "lips" with the tape.

Step 5: Wires, Clothespin

Take the looped end of your wires and touch them to the metallic tape.

(Side Note: for increased connection, bend the wire away from the clothespin as if it were half of an oval whilst the looped part remains touching the tape)

Next, tape the wire to the other end of the clothespin to keep them in place.

Step 6: More Metallic Tape, Clothespin

After you have taped the wires down, get more metallic tape and wrap it around the same place as before, but around the looped part of the wires for maximum connection to the circuit.

Step 7: Making Connections

Now we move on to connecting our power and sound source.

First, strip the coat from the opposite end of the red wires connected to the clothespin as you did before; about a half inch exposed.

Next, get the positive end of either the buzzer or battery port and connect it to either wire. Twist the wires together to make for a better connection.

Step 8: Finishing Up the Connections

After connecting the positive wires with the positive wires, connect the negative wires of the buzzer and battery port.

Use electrical tape to tape the twisted connections of the wires together to secure them.

Step 9: Notch

Find a gallon jug, or card like piece of plastic and cut a slice out just enough to fit into the clothespin.

Then, cut a small notch in the card closer to one end than the other.

Step 10: String or Fishing Line

Next, take your string or fishing line and make a loop about an inch or more big.

You'll place the line in the notch and the knot of the line should be on the side that the notch is closest to.

Step 11: Tape String

Now, tape the string or line tightly to the plastic piece and over the notch so the string doesn't come out.

Step 12: Thus Far

This is what your rig should look like thus far.

Step 13: Finished

Once finished: test, adjust, and stop people in their tracks! Have fun!

Step 14: Video

Here's a video of my set-up.

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