Triple Use Mat

Introduction: Triple Use Mat

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Hi I'm Cameron and in this instructable I show you how to make a triple use mat. The uses for this mat are water proof place mat, x-acto knife cutting mat, and hot glue gun mat. I hope you like this instructable!

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials are duck tape, x-acto knife, and wax paper.

Step 2: Cut It Out!

Cut out either a square or a rectangle from wax paper, your choice it makes no difference.

Step 3: Cover It

For this step you need to cover the wax paper in even strands of duck tape going up and down.

Step 4: More Duck Tape

Put some duck tape going sideways (make sure it's end to end).

Step 5: Trim It!

To complete this step you must trim the sides to perfection.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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