Tripod Phone Holder



Introduction: Tripod Phone Holder

This guide i am going to share you my latest finding in making of phone holder suitable for tripod used.

The whole structure is made using acrylic board of 3 mm thick.

The flexible string (23cm long; 4mm thick) used to strap the phone securely into place.

Step 1: Profile of the Acrylic Frame

The draft not up to scale uses about 120mm of acrylic board (a.k.a. plexiglass) of 4mm thick.

Videos shown how to bend acrylic it into shape using home made acrylic bender.

It also show the four holes made for mounting screw (2mm by 7mm long).

A 7mm hole made for thread tapping the 3/8 inch tripod bush nut.

The YouTube video guide should be able to provide an idea how thing was done.

This phone holder is not suitable for screen size larger than 5.5inch.

User are encourage to made changes for phone with larger screen size.

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