Introduction: Truck Bed Lights

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This instructable will show you the process of how to install truck bed lighting for easy visibility of your bed's contents at night. Its also is a great way to enhance the look of your truck as it creates a blue glow coming from the bed.

You will need-

*12v strip of water-proof LEDs (available on ebay or amazon)

*Phillips head screw driver (or the tools needed to remove your taillights)

*Wire splicer (to connect two wires) or a (2) 3M T-Taps

*Adhesive (if LEDs to not have it already applied)

Step 1: Apply the Lights

Choose a location so they will provide lighting where you need it most. I mounted 2, one on the inside left and the other on the right. This way both sides of my bed are illuminated.

I then ran the wires underneath my bedliner to the end of the bed near my tailgate.

Step 2: Connect the Wires to the Running Lights

After you have the tail light off of your truck you can follow these steps-

First you must find which wires complete the running light circuit, this can be done by looking online for your trucks specifications. Or check the user manual, or ask an electrician to have a look.

After those wires are located you need to add the wires we ran from the LEDs to the circuit in parallel. This can be done by connecting each side to one from the running lights as seen in the picture using a 3M T-Tap. The T-Tap essentially splices both wires and presses them together to form a connection.

Repeat all these steps for the other side using the other tail light.

Before you install the tail lights again test the LEDs to ensure they get power. After you have confirmed they perform the way you want, re-install the tail lights.

Step 3: Light Up Your Bed!

Turn those lights on and enjoy the new visibility, or go for a drive at night with that new glow coming from your bed.

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