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Introduction: True Wierless PARTY Speaker!

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This is the ultimate party speaker!! Bring your favorite alcohol and put you phone on it. No bluetooth or wifi requiered!! It amplifies the sound from your phone by the magnetic field from your phones speaker! It gets really loud and people can easily swap phones to change music. Its an cool conversation starter, and easily impresses people (when drunk). This is easy to do with my alcohol dispenser! (Project coming later).

Check out the video!

You can hear people talking in the background.

This whole project cost me around 3 dollars. I used some scrap plywood, and got the 3d filament for free. I found the drivers in a broken logitech system. The batteries came from an old laptop! I currently have to chage this with an rc car charger, but you can buy an cheap liion charger from ebay.

Step 1: Gather Parts

I lasercut an top cover and a bottom cover. 3d printed sidewalls. This can be done better with brackets stiffening them, and also merging them at the ends. I will update this project later. I took an primary tranformator coil (seen in the 1 picture) witch acts as the sound source. The idea here is that you play music on your phone and the coil will create an opposing current that "duplicates" the sound.

Battery holder and aux port is optional here. I did not use these.

I bought an dirt cheap amp from aliexpress for 3-4 dollars:

I bought the skrews also from kits from aliexpress. I used some m4 torq skrews and 4 m5 skrews.

I used some 18650 cells from some old laptops. I messured theese at arround 2Ah. 1p4s worked perfectly for my use. It can play for a couple of days, but i can fit up to 4p4s. The amp handles from 3s to 4s combos. It dosent have an off switch, but an mute switch that acts like the same. It drains 100mah after an night of ideling.

Build video will come later.

Step 2: Solder Everything Together.

This is self explanatory. Batteries are soldered in series, a small switch to act as an mute. speakers connected in 2s2p configuration, to match impedence of amp. Hot glue everything together and coil as far away from speakers, and as cose to the wall as possible. I took the coil from an old 220v to 12v ikea lamp transformator. Im using the primary coil, cuz it gave out louder sound, but the secondary coil had better sound to it.

Hotglue xt60 connector and mute switch to back plate, and use super glue on the 2 3d printed walls. Last step is simply to skrew the items together and your done!

Download 3d models from here:

Download as dxf for laser cutter models.

Port for charging on the backside, and mute switch. going to install chagring circuit for later use. Theese can be easily bought on ebay. Drivers is from an old logitech system. Different drivers can be bought online.

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    Cool. This is much more portable than most speaker systems. Perfect for taking to outdoor parties.


    Reply 5 years ago