Introduction: Tshirt Transformed to Bag

Here you will be transforming a tshirt into a reusable bag

Step 1: Cutting the Shirt

Cut the sleeves and collar off of your Tshirt, then begin cutting strips as shown in the photo about 7mm wide

Step 2: Beginning the Knots

Start by grabbing 4 strips and separating them into 3 groups (1 on the left, 2 in the middle, 1 on the right). Take the left strip and slide it under the middle two and over the right strip, then take the right slip and slide it over the middle two then under the left and pull tight, this is the first half of the knot. Next, repeat the same steps but opposite sides to secure the knot.

Step 3: Continuing the Knots

Now we want to add as many rows as you want to complete the knots. You will repeat the same steps in step 2 except this time you will be grabbing four strips of fabric between two knots. Repeat the knots about an inch down from the first row of knots and continue this until you are satisfied with the length.

Step 4: Tie Off the Bag

Simply take the four strips from the front and directly behind and use them to tie a double knot, continuing with the rest of the strips along the bottom of the bag

Step 5: Finished Bag

Place whatever items necessary in your bag and you have yourself a reusable bag!