Introduction: Tube Cast Concrete Candle Holder

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What Inspired me?

Im not the type of person to normally create the physical pieces such as the one Im writing about now. Im more of an art person. I have just finished my first year of college and now I have a few weeks to indulge in a few projects with my boy friend. This will sound quite similar to his work as we both help wright each others as we are a team. He helped with a few steps such as mixing the concrete as I have never ever done that before. Anyway, we were completing a few projects for his account and I decided why not try it. I made this one using a tube and another from a simple Ariel box. Make sure you have a look for that one over the next few days.

What will you need?

- Empty tape role (2inches+ high)

- Concrete (cement sand and water)

- Three jars, one for sand, water and cement.

- something to mix with

- A candle

- duplex board (cereal box)

- Scissors

Step 1: Making the Tube Shaped Mould

Making the tube shaped mould -

The mould is very simple. Place the tape roll onto a sheet of duplex, making sure the side containing graphics is facing up. Using a marker, trace around the tape roll, making sure you add about 2cm to the diameter to make sure it will definitely fit. Use tape to secure it in place. The concrete shouldn't really drip out but I guess I used a thick mixture.

Step 2: Mixing the Concrete

Mixing the Cement, water and sand to make the concrete -

Depending on what materials you have depends on this step. You can get all sorts of colours, finishes, tones and types of concrete. Snow-Crete looks great as its white tone is modern but rustic. I used plain cement, sand and concrete. But you can get ready mixed concrete which is much better.

Empty about one cup of cement into a bucket. Empty one cup of sand into the same bucket and then mix until you get a nice grey coloured mixture. When you are happy with the colour, add one cup of water. Mix well until you get a smooth thick liquid. If you don't think it looks as thick as in the pictures, add more sand or cement mix.

Step 3: Pouring the Concrete Into the Mould

Pouring the concrete into the mould

When the concrete has been mixer and you're happy with the overall consistency, you are ready to pour. Place the bucket close if not over your mould, using your mixing tool, begin to push a bit of the mix In to the mould. Only add about 2cm then tap the mould onto the table to ensure the bottom us covered completely. Begin to add more until your mould is 3/4 full.

Place the candle into the middle (or where ever else you would like it) and make sure you add a little force so the candles flush with the top of the concrete. You may need to add a little weight onto the candle as the bubbles seem to push the candle out of its original place.

I then used my fork tool which I used to mix and pour, to mess up the top so it wasn't just a smooth surface.

Step 4: Waiting for the Concrete to Set -

Waiting for the concrete to set -

This step is the painful one. Once the concrete has been poured In to the mould, the only real thing to do is wait...or make a new mould. Completely up to you.

When the concrete is set (mine took a few hours),take off the bade and then push the concrete out of its mould. Use a fine brush to get rid of any unwanted bits around the surface.

Step 5: Finished Well Done!

Finished well done! -

Well done! Easy wasn't it? Comment an I made it, and favourite if you have enjoyed this project. You can really make any type of shape with different moulds around your house. Feel free to comment if you enjoyed it and check out my other Instructables. If you want to request something be sure to do so! Thank you

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