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Introduction: Tube Patch

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I just got a tube for free. I got it for free because it had a 4-inch tear along the seam. It was declared hopeless and was about to be thrown away. That's when I swooped in... FREE tube!!! Who could say no?

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Heat Gun


  • 10 mil pipe wrap

Step 2: First Try

I had a great idea that had to work, right? Wrong, this first try did not work. I am describing what I did so you won't waste your time as I did.

  1. Sand the edges of the hole
  2. Mix up some epoxy
  3. Spread the epoxy across the tape
  4. Apply the epoxy coated tape to the hole
  5. Clamp the tape

Step 3: Second Try

This try actually worked. I taped the hole, with 10 mil pipe tape. Then I just used a heat gun to heat up the plastic until it smelled bad, at that point I could EASILY stretch it.

Step 4: Chill

If you are going to blow it up with an air compressor (I highly discourage) go very slowly. I used an air compressor to get it 90% full. Then I blew it up by mouth to 99%.

If you are going to the river, be very safe. Make sure to avoid branches and other such dangers.

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