Introduction: Tubular Paper Plane With Wings

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All knows Paper tubular planes fly long distance. When i go through web i found a paper tubular plane with wings and it fly very nice by flipping the wings.


Materials required
1. Paper (dont take very thick paper use note paper is ok)
2. Paper tape

Step 1: Prepare Paper

Take a Long paper and Paper tape. Cut a square paper with size 17cm X 17cm for body and 17cm X 3.5cm for wings.

Step 2: Folding

Fold the one half of the paper as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Make Tubular Plan

Bend the folding side and make a tube and paste the edges with paper tape. Now the Tubular plane is ready.

Step 4: Attach the Wing

Mark the center of the wing and place it on the top of the tubular plane as shown in the figure. Make few more planes. Now the tubular Plane with wings ready to fly.

Step 5: See It Fly

Choose a long space (I use my home its small because we cant able to go out). Don't over force let allow it to fly freely. It fluttering the wings while fly. Kids like it very much.

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