Introduction: Turmeric Drink

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Turmeric is one of powerful antioxidant. You may read or google about the turmeric benefit.

Turmeric drink is fast relief for body aching, period pain that happen to most woman and also can be a stress relief drink. It give a comfortable feeling to your body after you drink it. It also keep your body warm.

Step 1: Fresh Turmeric Drink

Get a fresh turmeric. Clean and blend for about 3 inch of turmeric to get a glass of turmeric drink. Sift and add some honey and hot water.

Step 2: Turmeric Drink With Turmeric Powder

If you not able to get the freah turmeric, turmeric powder also can be use.

Easy. About 2 tea spoon of turmeric powder, some honey and hot water.

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