Introduction: Turn a Baggy Shirt Into a Fashion Staple

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This project is perfect for the thrift store lovers out there.
How many times have you found an awesome shirt that was too big?
This DIY Project will show you how to turn a baggy shirt into an everyday fashion staple.

What You Will Need:
-A Baggy shirt (XL is perfect). If you can find a long XL shirt you hit the jackpot!
-A Colored Pencil or Pen
-Sewing machine (simple straight stitch is all you will need)
-Needle and Thread

Step 1: Lets Begin!

Start by laying your t-shirt on the floor inside out.

Starting at the armpit, draw a line up the sleeve to 2" above the end of the sleeve.

Step 2: Do This to Both Sleeves and Sew on the Line

Do this to both sleeves. This is going to be your sewing line.

Once both lines are drawn, sew a straight stitch over each line.

After you are done sewing cut off the extra fabric.

Step 3: Cut the Collar Off

Next, turn your shirt right-side out.

If you want to have a swoop neck look or over the shoulder look, cut the collar of the shirt off.

Try to stay as close to the collar as you can when cutting.


That was easy!!

Thank you for following my tutorial.

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Happy Crafting!!!!