Introduction: Turn a Piece of Reed Cane Into World's Greatest DIY Bike Stand (with Unlimited Uses)

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Ok, that "turn into world's greatest line maybe is too much. But it's not. It's absolutely true! Why? Because this stand is completely free, extremely easy to make, can work perfectly on the heaviest loaded touring bikes, can be used as a flagpole, snake catcher, something to put your light on so drivers can see you, cloth dryer and million other uses is the lightest stand in the world! Guaranteed!

So how can you make this magic stand? First find a good piece of reed (not too fresh not too old) and cut it in the length of the distance between the angle that joins seatstays and vertical tube and the ground PLUS few centimeters (3-5).

Then find any branch with a crotch, like the drawing. It should be fit inside the reed cane. Now, take a knife and cut a piece of the cane exactly as the drawing depicts. Take the branch and stick it there. With the knife make also some grooves so the zip ties won't slip up and down. Finally strap 2-3 zip ties tightly around it and you have the stand!

NOTE: The end of the reed cane should be a cm or such after a join, so the edge won't crack.

Just stuck it inside your panniers and left the rest of the cane be used as flagpole or whatever you like!

To use it just put the branch end of the cane under the angle that joins vetical tube and seatstays and let it carry all the weight. The other end of the cane, that's on the ground, should be half a meter away from the bike. Just play a little and you'll find it the best position.

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