Carpet Sandals




Introduction: Carpet Sandals

Carpet is good. Why not take it wherever you go?

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:

Carpet(probably between 1 and 1.5 sq. ft.)(the larger the piece the easier it will be to cut out)

Something to cut with like a knife or cutter(scissors don't work)

Duct tape

Wooden kitchen skewers

Permanent marker

Something to trace around(your foot/shoe)

Step 2: Trace

Trace around your feet/shoes on the backside of the carpet. Save enough carpet to cut out the straps.

Step 3: Cut Out Sandal Base

Cut out the sandal base using a knife or cutter.

Step 4: Duct Tape the Kitchen Skewers to the Bottom of the Base

Cut the kitchen skewers to size and tape them to the bottom of the base. The skewers will help make the sandals less floppy.

Step 5: Cut Out Straps and Tape Them to the Sandals

Cut some straps out of the leftover carpet and attach them tightly with the tape.

Step 6: Done!


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This reminds me of the old joke about the guy that saved a fortune -- instead of buying luxury carpets, he just taped two pieces of quality carpet remnant to his feet, and walked round like that!

    You actually went and did it though! In style :)