Introduction: Turning Old Plastic Ball Into a Learning Tool for Kids

First of all take an old plastic ball .

Then take some papers.

Then take a scissor and some glue.

Write alphabets on papers then cut them in square pieces.

Then paste these papers on the old plastic ball with the help of glue.

In this way an old plastic ball can be turned into a learning tool for kids.

This helps also in reducing environmental impact of plastic as plastic ball is reused.

Step 1:

I have prepared the model of this type of learning tool in autodesk fusion 360.

First of all i have made a sphere in the model workspace of fusion 360.

Step 2:

I have downloaded the photograph of alphabet A in my computer.

Then I have entered in the render workspace and added colour to the spherical ball.

Then I have pasted the alphabet A on the ball by the option of decal in the render workspace.

Step 3:

Similar to previous case I have pasted the letter B and C in the spherical ball.

In this step I have shown different views of the ball provided in the option names views of fusion 360.

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