Introduction: Turning a Shirt Into Shorts

I absolutely love to up-cycle. So when I found this plaid tunic shirt in the back of my closet, I just had to turn it into something new.

Here is how to convert any shirt into a pair of shorts.


1 shirt


sewing machine

ruler/measuring tape



safety pin

marker of some sort

a pair of shorts (for reference)

Step 1: Cutting

Lay your shirt flat and cut off the sleeves, collar, and any pockets it may have.

If your shirt has a curved bottom edge, cut across the shirt to straighten the it out.

Step 2: Tracing

Fold your shorts in half and lay it on top of the shirt. Trace with a marker, making sure to account for seams. Cut the tracing out.

Repeat a second time.

Once both tracings have been cut out, cut each tracing in half. You should have four pieces of fabric, with each one being a half of a pant leg.

Step 3: Sewing

Place two pieces together (right sides facing in) and pin the curve. Sew closed using a straight stitch. You now have a front and back panel.

Unfold the panels and pin (right sides facing in). Sew the sides closed using a straight stitch.

Pin and sew the crotch closed using a straight stitch.

Step 4: Hemming

Fold the top over to create an elastic channel. Pin and sew using a straight stitch, leaving about an inch un-hemmed.

Measure and cut your desired length of elastic. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the channel of your shorts. Sew the elastic waistband closed with a zigzag stitch, and close the channel with a straight stitch.

The End.