'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Introduction: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

How to Create the Train That Brings Joy to Children

Step 1: The Pieces

Create the following pieces :
  • Blue Square Dimensions 41.5 mm X 17.90 mm X 20 mm
  • Square Hole Dimensions 38.1 mm X 13.9 mm X 16 mm
  • Green Wedge Dimensions 4.6 mm X 14 mm X 10.44 mm
  • 4 Wedge Hole Dimensions 4.87 mm X 1.72 mm X 10.51 mm
  • Blue Cylinder Dimensions 5.7 mm X 17 mm X 18.7 mm
  • Green Box Dimensions .5 mm X 13.9 mm X 1.4 mm
  • Blue Square Dimensions 12 mm X 18.7 mm X 34.60 mm
  • 8 Black Torus Dimensions 10 mm X 1 mm X 10 mm
  • 32 Black Cylinders Dimensions 9.35 mm X .7 mm X .9 mm
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS Each Letter With Dimensions 2.3 mm X .9 mm X 2.7 mm
  • Red Square Dimensions 8.84 mm X 8.84 mm X 8.84 mm
  • 2 Green Squares Dimensions 3.1 mm X 8.8 mm X 8.6 mm
  • 2 Green Torus Dimensions 6.36 mm X 2.7 mm X 3.5 mm

Step 2: Creating the Train

Place the Blue Squares together, and raise the Blue Square hole 10 mm from the Work space. Attach the Blue cylinder to the front, along with the Blue Wedge and the Wedge holes.

Step 3: Creating the Tires

After creating 8 Black Torus's and 32 Black cylinders, Rotate each cylinder 45 degrees more than the last. Place 4 cylinders evenly around each Torus and group them together. Then rotate the Torus on its Y axis 90 degrees. The wheels then can be dragged onto the train.

Step 4: Creating the Present

Rotate one green square 90 degrees. Drag each green square into the red square evenly placed in the center. Raise the two green Torus's to the height of the present then drag them onto the top. The present is then complete. Duplicate the present 4 times, rotate it to a few different angles, and drag them into the hole of the train. Stack them together in the middle of the train and they are complete.

Step 5: Creating HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Arrange the letters in the correct order and group them to create the phrase HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Rotate the phrase on its Y axis 90 degrees and drag onto the surface of the train. Raise it to the correct height so it does not interfere with the wheels.


Your train full of presents is complete!

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