Introduction: Twist & Pop Magical Card

Instruments :-

  1. Scissors >>>>>>>>>>
  2. Craft Cutter >>>>>>>>
  3. Glue >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. 30cm Ruler >>>>>>>>
  5. Paper Scoring Tools >>

Materials :-

  1. Designer Paper >>>>>>>>>
  2. Thick Color Paper Sheet (2 Different Colors)>>>
  3. Ribbon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Step 1: Cutting Paper for 1st Page

Only For First Page:-

  1. Cut The Paper of the measurements. ( L x H ) ( 20 cm x 9 cm).
  2. Divide the same page into half with respect to height . Height = 2 x 4.5 cm
  3. Fold the half.
  4. Now as the measurements in figure 3 mark the points.
  5. Connect the alternate points of top and bottom together. you will get the look as figure 4.
  6. Now your Paper Ready for folding. Keep It aside for step 3.

Step 2: Cutting Paper for 2nd Page

  1. Cut the 2nd page of different color as per the measurements. (L x H) (26cm x 9cm)
  2. Divide it into 4 equal parts. Each part would be equal 6.5cm. (Represented in figure 2)
  3. fold the parts from the line in zig-zag form.
  4. Your second piece of paper is ready, Put it aside, you will need it in further step.

Step 3: Cutting Paper for 3rd Page

  1. Cut the 3rd page of different color as per the measurements. (L x H) (30cm x 10cm)
  2. Mark the center and draw a straight line. (Refer figure 2)
  3. Fold from the line.
  4. You will get two equal half.
  5. Your 3rd piece paper is ready.

Step 4: Applying Designer Paper

  1. Apply designer paper on the sides of the (Paper Piece 3) measuring (30 x 10).
  2. Before apply the paper cut the designer paper into two half so that it allow easy folding of the card.
  3. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  4. For reference have look to the video above.
  5. Video Link:-

Step 5: Folding Paper Piece 1

  1. Use scoring tool for folding. This tools very clear marks for folding and the marks easily bends.
  2. Please refer the above video. Will show how to fold the paper and score it to fold.

Step 6: Final Assembely.

  1. Take the folded (PAPER PIECE 1) and adjust itself in the center of Piece 3. (Refer Above Video)
  2. Apply Glue On both the sides of the PIECE 1 (Only on the Triangular surface ).(Refer Image 1)
  3. Place it on the center point of the PIECE 3.
  4. Close the card
  5. After the glue will dries open the card and you will have the partial Twist to the card.
  6. Now take the Zig Zag piece and apply Designer paper on one side of the of it.
  7. Open the card place it on the center of the card.
  8. Apply glue as per Image 2 and Image 3.
  9. Refer the above video thoroughly if you find it difficult to understand.

Step 7: Full Video

Full Video Is on You tube.

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