Two Entries Lotto With Qwirkle Pawns for Toddlers

Introduction: Two Entries Lotto With Qwirkle Pawns for Toddlers

You maybe know the Qwirkle game. My grandson Leon 7 years old likes it very much, but while we play with him, his brother Charles 4 years old gets bored because he cannot play.

I created this 2 entries lotto with Qwirkle pawns so that we can play with Charles while we play Qwirkle with Leon.

There are two dice, one has the 6 shapes, the other one has the 6 colors. There is also a paper board, with a grid or a table, and the colors in lines and the shapes in columns (or the contrary, it doesn't matter).

The player rolls the dice and put the pawn in the right place if the place is not already occupied. the first to finish a line or a column wins (in France we say 'Quine')

It is a perfect game for toddlers, they learn maths while playing, and our Qwirkle grandson drama is over!

Step 1: Make the Dice

I cut two square wood pieces and grinded the edges and the corners so that the dice roll.

Step 2: Paint the Dice

For the die with the Qwirkle shapes, I first made the shapes using powerpoint, then printed them, cut them, and I used them as templates.

I painted them with Posca pen.

For the die with colors, it was much easier, except that I didn't have exactly the right color.

When all the faces were ready, I varnished the dice with a spray.

Step 3: The Board

The board is very simple, I used a strong drawing paper and draw a grid with a size according to the Qwirkle pawns. The size of the paper is so that it enters in the top of the Qwirkle box, it is very convenient to store it together with the dice.

There is room around to place an additionnal line and an additionnal column for the shapes and the colors.

The line with the shapes was simply printed, but I colored the line with the colors the same Poscas that I used for the die. I laminated them so that they are more resistant.

The game is ready! When playing, you need a complete set of Qwirkle pawns: 6 shapes, 6 colors. That means that only two series are remaining for the normal Qwirkle game, you can still play, but it ends sooner.

I initially published this instructable on my blog (in French), you can visit it to see more projects.


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