Introduction: Two Ways to Set Up Your Fire With Helpful Tips

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I will show you two common ways to set up your fire with a hint I was told by a friend that works really well. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies!!

Tinder and Kindling, Tinder Tiny which means the small stuff. Guitar Pick? What in the world? Well simple way to use it. I will have a step for it near the end. Hatchet, duh for cutting fuel and making shavings. Knife for making shavings faster. Light with Flint, flint needed for the guitar pick.

Step 2: The "Log Cabin"

I would use this method if there was some wind. Because the cabin itself would block the wind more than the Tipi coming next. Make a simple layout, with the tinder and kindling in the middle and make some Lincoln Logs!! Build it about 5-6 sticks high.

Step 3: The "Tipi"

You would make this as if you were making a shelter, make a frame and build onto it. I would use this layout if it were calmer out. The heat would rise into the sticks and catch faster. Then add the tinder and kindling to the bottom and light it from the bottom.

Step 4: Special Guitar Pick

First, you're going to make a small hole and a slit right behind it. You're going to shave off some of the guitar pick into the hole and put the guitar pick in the slit right above the pile of shavings. Take your flint and steel and strike the small pile and watch it light!! The great thing about the pick idea, nobody really knows that you're going to possibly start a fire with it. I think this idea is really great. I would use it a lot.

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