Introduction: Tyre Bead Breaking, Removal & Fitting.

For this Instructable I will show you how to break the bead on a tyre and then remove and refit it.

Step 1: Tools.

The tools you will need are:-

Tyre levers at least two but three is better.

A sissor jack and handle.

A valve core tool

And a something to jack against (I'm using the back axle of a van).

Step 2: Getting Started.

First off the valve core needs to be removed this is to let any air pressure out before and during the first stages.

Once the core is out the wheel needs to be positioned under your brace in this case I'm using the back axle on a van and position it under the jacking point and set the base of the jack up as close as you can to the wheel so it pushes the tyre down with as little flex as possible.

Step 3: Wind It Down.

Slowly increase the load on the tyre this maybe a lot more than you think depending on the tyre it may pop off the bead all the way around or you may need to repeat in several places sometimes a little nudge with the lever can help.

Once you have done one side you need to flip it over to do the other side depending on the wheel condition you may want to add a little protection like an old carpet tile I tend to take the tyre off the first side then break the other bead.

Step 4: Lever Time

Using your levers work the edge of the tyre over the rim remembering car tyres come off to the outside of the wheel this is due the the well design used on most car wheels this technique does work on bike tyres but you need to block the wheel up to clear the hub.

Step 5: Fitting Time.

To fit the tyre first off a little lubricant needs to be applied to the tyre bead I used some soft soap but a spray lube like WD40 works just as well then push the tyre on as far as you can then work the rest on with the levers and procede with the outside edge once the last of it is on the tyre is ready to inflate you will need a little bit of power for this a foot pump just isn't up to it also leaving the valve core out helps get the air in faster.

Step 6: Safety.

Please remember you are responsible for your own safety not me if you are not sure you can manage to do this leave it to someone who can. There are a number of chances to catch your fingers and a slip with the levers can hurt a lot. I am a proffesional motorcycle mechanic and I have had a lot of practice at changing tyres, you will need to practice working the levers at the very least.