UMO+ Extruder "Silencer"

Introduction: UMO+ Extruder "Silencer"


for some time I am looking for a way to reduce the noise the Ultimaker Original + is making.

The main noise source is the extruder which sits on the back of the machine and is just hung on the wooden frame. I tried some extruder hacks from thingiverse/ youmagine but the main problem of these models was the stability and durability. The heat and the weight of the extruder stepper motor always affected the pla/abs parts.

So i tried a "quick and dirty" approach...

Parts list:

- household rubber bands (thickness 1,35 mm)

- Cutter / scissors

- Super glue


- old camping mat


~ 1 hour

Step 1: Prepare the Parts

Disassemble your Ultimaker Original extruder.

Also a good time to clean all the parts and inspect for damages

Cut 2 or more rubber bands in half.

Step 2: Assembly

Take the 2 outer extruder wooden case parts and begin to slowy glue the rubber to the areas where the module is hung into the case. I started at the top and worked my way to the first clamp then switched to the second part and repeated the process while part I was drying. You don't want tension on the rubber band just lay it loose on the glue-brushed areas. I marked the glued areas in red on the above picture.

Watch out to leave enough excess rubber band inside the clamps so there will be not too much etension when hanging it in.

Give it enough time to dry.

Cut off any remaining ends.

Step 3: Give It a Try

Reassemble the extruder. I used the opportunity to switch to a abs printed extruder gear (custom extruder gear).

Hang the module back to the case. It could be a little tight but should fit perfectly. Just take your time not to brake anything.

Now there is a layer of rubber which decouples the vibrations of the extruder from the case quiet a bit. I can't hear the printer in the adjoining room anymore so I'm happy with the result

Assembled extruder in action


I addition I placed the printer on a part of an old camping mat to get it off the stone floor. Helped also a good bit

Thanks for reading my first instructable.

Greetings Cuit!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing your first instructable. This looks like a great solution.

    Hope we see more from you soon! :)