Introduction: USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

This Instructable takes an ordinary USB Flash Drive and a plastic bottle opener and combines the two into a handy 'tool' for any 'professional'. In less than an hour's time you can put this Flash Drive Bottle Opener together, which is easily customizable, and ready for use!

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

Parts and Tools:
- USB Flash Drive
- Plastic Bottle Opener
- Thread
- Thin CA Glue
- Electrical Tape
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue
- X-Acto Knife

- Soldering Iron
- Mini Vice
- Pliers/Snippers

Step 2: USB Flash Drive Preparation

Begin by dismantling your USB Flash Drive, removing the case. I was able to pop a section of the case off of mine and slide the circuitry out.

Next, wrap your USB Flash Drive circuitry in electrical tape to prevent damage later on. The purpose of this step is to prevent any of the glue that will be used from damaging the circuitry.

- You may choose to remove lock switches and/or LEDs from your USB Flash Drive. Carefully pop them off and complete the circuits with solder using your soldering iron.

Step 3: Plastic Bottle Opener Preparation

If the end of your plastic bottle opener has a curved piece like the one used in this Instructable, it needs to be removed. Carefully cut the piece away and smooth out any jagged edges.

Step 4: Attaching the USB Flash Drive to the Plastic Bottle Opener

Now use the hot glue gun to secure the USB Flash Drive to the Plastic Bottle Opener. Take note of which orientation you want your drive to be in (bottle opener up or down when plugged into computer). Spread some more hot glue in the gaps between the drive and the opener and smooth out with a wet finger. Be careful not to get burned!

Step 5: Thread Wrap

Go find your favorite colored thread and begin wrapping the drive to the opener. Try not to leave any gaps (randomly wrapping around the unit may be easier than trying to spiral down the length), and keep the thread taught. Be creative! Try different patterns and colors, don't make yours boring like my black thread (unless you like simplicity as I do)!

Use the Thin CA Glue to bond the threads together. It will wick throughout the threads and create a solid unit. Be careful not to glue your fingers together or to the unit, the CA glue will bond in less than 30 seconds! The purpose of this step makes the unit stronger, and will prevent it from wear. You don't want your drive getting damaged while opening bottles!

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Go ahead and use some of the thread to create a loop for a lanyard, or drill a small hole in the opener for a small key ring.

Here is my finished USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener. Enjoy!

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