Introduction: USB (HDMI) Video Card - Cheap and Easy Multiple Monitor Set Up

Two monitors is pretty easy.  But stepping up to three monitors is a little more involved.  I wanted to get a third monitor set up for work and my projects but was having a lot of difficulty.  I tried a couple video cards and was still having issues.  The next step was to get a more expensive card and set up a display port/flex system.  But before doing that I remembered seeing USB video cards that just plug in.  

A quick search online revealed a bunch of these Iogear USB cards for around $25 to $30.  It just plugs in to the USB on the computer and then HDMI out to either a computer monitor or a large tv.  It of course came with the DisplayLink driver and a USB cable.  The whole set up took less than five minutes.  No external power required.  And of course the audio comes through the HDMI port.  Sweet.

I'm not a gamer - it probably will lag with high graphic games, but maybe not horribly so.  I can run multiple video streams through the card and it's been very impressive.

This set up could be good for a lot of quick external monitors.  Also good for laptops or leased/rented computers.  For media servers, a large tv in another room, travelling...lots of possibilities.

I ran this on Windows 7 without any issues or downloading any additional drivers or updates.  It is supposed to work on XP as well but I haven't tested it on an older system.

Thanks for taking a look.