USB Happy/Sad On/Off Switch Plate With Lego's :)

Introduction: USB Happy/Sad On/Off Switch Plate With Lego's :)

To tell the truth, I wasn't trying to make a smiley face XD
I was just playing around with how I could build a switch box with Lego's and it just happened.
Anyways, here is the instructions if you want to build your own. =)

Step 1: Items Needed

A USB toggle on/off switch. Another great deal from

It was only one dollar!

Second item needed are Lego's.

Step 2: Base Plates or Face Plates?

I call them both the same =P

The main base plate is 8 x 12 studs

The second base plate using flat pieces is 4 x 8

Step 3: Build It Higher!

Build up 2 layers on both sides.

Step 4: 2 X 2's and 1 X 2's

Place as shown =)

Step 5: Add the Switch

Fits in nice and snug!

Step 6: 1 X 4's

Add them on each side.

If you want you can add a layer onto the bricks from the previous step.

Step 7: Flat Pieces

Add flat pieces to the top to make everything flush.

Step 8: Say Hello to Happy and Sad Face

Didn't even notice they look like faces until now XD

Step 9: Smooth It All Out

Add flats on top of everything and then complete it with smooth flats.

And you are done!

Just remember ON is HAPPY, OFF is SAD... unless you turn it around of course XD

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