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In my previous Instructable, I built a USB powered LED bicycle light, that worked very well, But for some reason (maybe because i bike at high speeds), there seems to be a visibility issue, as the cars and other bikers didn't see me passing, and i always had to stop suddenly , sometimes in a dangerous way.

So, I decided to build a version 2.0 of this project, boosting the LED lights count from 10 to 120 LEDs!!

As always, this is MY idea of execution, and if you have any feedback, it is highly appreciated!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Dismantle the Torch

Extract the LED slabs from the torch, cut them into shape and rewire them to have easy access to the cables.

Super glue the acrylic cover onto the assembly to prevent rain water from entering it.

Step 3: Rewire the LED Front Light

Extract 2 output power cable from the LED frontal light, by removing an existing LED from it, so we can connect them to the XXL Light we are building.

Step 4: Create the Box

Measure and cut the wood to fit and drill holes for the wires.

Assemble the box and tape the LED assemblies onto the box using double-sided mounting tape.

Solder the wires and isolate with Duct tape.

Isolate the whole box with a Silicone sealant.

Step 5: Assemble and Test

Connect the power cable together and test the system before mounting.

Step 6: Mount!

Drill 4 holes on the sides of the box and Strap it onto your bicycle.

Test again and show it off!

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