Introduction: USB Type-C PD Powerbank

In this project I will show you my "improved" version of GreatScotts USB Type-C PD Powerbank. So first check his project:

In summary, I designed a smaller housing and made the LEDs more visible.

NOTE: This Case is desinget to use 6x CGR18650CG Li-Ion Cells with Cell Spacers!


1x Powerbank PCB:

6x CGR18650CG Li-Ion Cells (from an old laptop)

Cell spacers:

2x M3x10 screw

4x red led

1x blue led

1x tactile button


Step 1: Print the Parts

I used a layer height of 0,2mm and 10% Infill to print it on my Prusa i3 MK2.

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble all the parts. Solder all battery cells together and to the powerbank pcb. Desolder all leds from the powerbank pcb and solder on your own with cables as extension. Check the polarity and forward voltage before, to choose the right replacement leds! The push button can be soldered in parallel to the existing one. The pcb can then be screwed to the cap. Depending on your printer you have to deburr the holes and the cutouts for the usb connectors. Then press the LEDs and the button into the holes of the cap and fix them with hot glue. Now check The functionality of the circuit. At least push the whole construction into the case and glue the cap and the case together. Depending on the fit of the battery cells you can also secure them with some glue.

Step 3: FINISH!

Your powerbank is now ready to use.

Remember to check out GreatScotts project!

In the pictures you can see the difference in size to the Anker PowerCore. (