Introduction: USB Made From Recycled Wood

This instructable shows how to convert a common usb to a beautiful one. Changing the plastic or metalic cover to wood.

Step 1:

1.- Rotary tool with accessories for sanding and cutting.
2- White glue
3.- USB
4.- Silicone, to fill the USB body
5.- Recycled wood, in this case I take a piece from an old pallet
6.- Two clamps to fix the wood while gluing
7.- A pencil and a rule
8.- Sandpaper, to finish the project.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First we lowered a little the wood for the rotary tool can easily cut wood.

Remember to make all cuts with maximum precision, this reduces the probability of complete failure or long sanding

Step 3: Cutting the Cap and the Body

The middle one small piece will close the body while usb usb to subject the the wood.

Step 4: Piercing the Wood

Issues to take in consideration

The hole of the body contain the usb only and we will fill with silicone to secure only a little more. This hole is not visible.

In this case, as the USB cap is quite large cut.

Usb plate is a little wider than the metal part. When making the hole small piece should make some small guides on the sides for the board to enter but not exit ahead.

Once satisfied that the small piece usb and fit properly seal the remaining gap between them with hot glue. (The hot glue is not applied in the photo)

Step 5: Assembling

Use clamps to secure the union of the two parts after applying white glue.

This will ensure that both parts are firmly attached and after sanding the piece will be well hidden union.

Soon I'll finish this instructable showing how to make the cap and the final sanding. Meanwhile you can see a finished item at :

It's my first (but not the last) instructable, please contact me for any inconvenience or improvement.