Introduction: USB Powered Cobalt Desk Lamp

Cobbled this little lamp from a busted USB lamp ,short chunk of tubing , and a cool Cobalt glass ball ,It can also be used as a Flashlight

Step 1: Parts Needed

36" USB cable
1 3/8 x 3" aluminum tubing
One small grommet
6 pack of leds (bright white/pale blue)
1 bushing aka plug just a stump of PVC pipe
VDO Meter
Wire strippers
Soldering iron
Hot Glue gun
Drill /w 5/16" bit
this is what the USB Lamp looked like before it was in an accident .
The alumonum pipe just a scrap chunk from a side job.

Step 2: The Build

Using My handy Battery Drill drilled a 5/16" hole it the side at 3/4" from the bottom.
The Hot glue to the cardstock and a short chunk of PVC pipe to make a bushing to mount the LEDS to .
Insert the grommet through the hole.
Feed the USB cable out the top though the bushing .
Cut off end of cable in this case the miini USB A .
Strip the wires and using a volt meter test out for the "hot wire" and the ground ,on this cable it Was the red and the black
Solder the Red and Black leads to the LEDS ( had it hooked up live to a stand alone USB power supply)
Hot Glue the LEDs to the bushing .
Slide the bushing to maybe a third of the way down the pipe
And more hot Glue to afix the bushing in the pipe

Step 3: All But Done

Its Brighter than a 2AA maglight
just enough light to make the Cobalt glass ball glow .
My sis collects Cobalt glass this might be her b-day presents