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Introduction: Ugly Sweater Earrings

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Sometimes wearing a sweater to a party can get a little warm and sweaty and not comfortable. This gives you the chance to partake in the holiday spirit without giving up your comfort.



Scrap Red Fabric

Scrap Black Fabric

Scrap White Fur Trim

Old Earrings

Gold Ribbon

Hot Glue

Scissors Marker

Step 1: Cut Sweater

I used scrap red fleece for the base of my sweater, but feel free to get creative with the designs.

Take your fabric and fold it in half so the design side is facing each other.

Draw the shape of the sweater you want, then cut the shape out.

Step 2: Cut Design

Once again feel free to be as creative as you want at this part.

I chose to keep it classic with the santa suit.

I cut the white trim to the size of my sweaters.

Same for the belt decoration. Then a small piece of gold ribbon was cut. Glue the ribbon to the black strip for a buckle effect.

From here I hot glued the trim pieces on first. Then the belt on.

Step 3: Add Earring

Once the sweater is made, just glue the old earrings to the back of the sweater and BAM! Ugly sweater earrings for the elf on the go.

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    2 years ago

    Cute, simple twist on the old Christmas sweater. I like these! : )