Introduction: Ukulele Wax Art

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This project is quite close to my heart with a natural passion for the ukulele. So, after my last few attempts of some wax work using some non-toxic wax crayons, I decided to make something a little more 'artsy'.

What I used

-Wax crayons (Blue and Purple)

-Paper to draw out the design (you can always print the picture out)

-1/4 inch ply wood

-white paint and a roller or paint brush

-Heat gun, hairdryer or lighter

-Glue Stick

Step 1: Step One : the Board

Before I had the chance to melt anything, I first had to get a sheet of ply wood that was quite thin. I used some 1/4inch ply wood and used a mouse sander to just get rid of the splintered edges. This took a matter of seconds and I then used some fine sand paper to remove nay marks on the surfaces before painting.

I used some white paint to coat one surface using a roller. I only wanted a few coats so after every layer, I waiter around half an hour before applying the next coat.

Step 2: Step 2 : the Template

Once all of the surface was covered, I then drew my design onto a piece of printer paper. I decided upon the ukulele as I love the instrument and I have just bought my first Laka Uke. I used some scissors to slowly cut this out and then used some pritt stick to secure it to the centre of the board (making sure the board had fully dried).

Step 3: Step Three : the Wax

The next step was quite hard if I am honest. I had to tilt the board at different angles so that the wax would drip down to make a slightly splattered effect. I used the hair dryer to melt the way around the stencil. Try to get the was on the paper by a few mm as this makes a bolder outline. I alternated between blue and purple as I progressed around the template. Once it had dried, I peeled away the paper to leave a nice, crisp line. Thank you so much for reading. Leave a comment and tell me what you think, what you would change and I would love your feedback.