Introduction: Ultimate Lego Man Cave

This is the ultimate Lego man cave I made for the Toy Building Blocks Contest. Please vote. It isn't very hard to make, but it looks really cool.

Step 1: Video Game Controllers

All you need for the controllers is a black 1x3 plate, 2 black 1x2 plates, and one or two colorful studs (blue, red, light green, orange, or yellow). Put the 1x3 on the 1x2s then bend them slightly so it isn't so square. Then put the stud(s) on the 1x3.

Step 2: Flat Screen T.V.

To make this, you will need 4 1x8s or 8 1x4s or whatever combination of those, 1 1x6 and 4 1x1. It looks really good if its all black and it's really hard to make the T.V. look like it is on.

Step 3: Mini Fridge

You can make the fridge hollow or solid depending on what pieces you have. If you want it solid, use 4 white 2x4s and 4 white 2x2 tiles if you have them, because it looks a bit nicer. Put 2 2x4s next to each other making a square, then put the other 2x4s on the first ones, overlapping them. After that, just put the tiles on top and you're done.

Step 4: Skateboard Rack

For this just stack 2 black 1x2s, then a 2x3, then another 1x2, then a 2x3, then one more 1x2 and a 2x3. Just put the skateboards on the 2x3s and you're done.

Step 5: Game Consoles

It doesn't really matter how you make the game consoles. I just put a tile on a matching color 1x2 and also stacked 2 2x3 so they weren't all the same. The video game shelf is a black 2x3, then a black 1x3 and a different colored 2x2 (all plates).

Step 6: People

I used random minifigures with hats as people in the man cave. You can decide how you make couches and chairs.

Step 7: Surround-Sound Speakers

All you have to do for these is stack 2 or 3 black 2x2s.

Step 8: Assembling the Man Cave

Just make a floor with black plates and put everything on it. Remember to spread out the speakers.

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