Introduction: Ultimate Oreo Ice Cream Shake

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Did you ever have one of those days where you just need some cheering up? Like, a Blizzard followed by a Frappachino still didn't help? That's when I reach for one of these: quite possibly the finest, most gluttonous dessert ever concocted.

What goes into it?

-Ice cream of choice (Peanut butter cup for this one; I'll also use cookies & cream or fudge brownie to good effect)
-Oreos or equivalent
-Whipped cream

You'll also need a blender, preferably for a shaker cup.

Warning: I'm fairly certain I have a metabolism somewhere between a hummingbird and a black hole and even I don't make a habit of consuming stuff like this. Stay active, keep one ready for a reward or a bad day and we'll all get through this. ;)

Step 1: Assembly

First things first, take about 1-2 servings of ice cream and drop them into the shaker. Don't pack it in too tight as we want everything to blend up later. Once your eyes are satisfied or you're about 1/2 full, move on to the Oreos.

Continue with 4-5 Oreos. Crush each one in your fingers to ~4 smaller pieces to aid in blending and toss them on the ice cream. If you don't crush them beforehand, it'll take a bit too much time to blend and you'll be left with a texture-free paste.

After the cookies are added, fill the cracks with some milk (Yup, I saved myself 5% of the caloric shock by going with skim).

If you need a bit more flavor (come on, of course you do), add some sundae syrup to the top.

Step 2: Blending

Cap your blender tumbler and shake up the contents by hand for 5-10 seconds and drop it on the blender. Mix everything up with a few short pulses to break up the larger chunks and get a nice consistency. Don't go too long since it'll be far better with some thicker texture.

Step 3: Enjoy!

And that's it! Add some whipped cream to the top, kick back and enjoy!

...That was awesome. 'of course I need to make one for myself! I need the pictures!'

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