Introduction: Ultimate Trapper

Problem with mosquitos? cockroaches? lizards? Flies?

So here is your solution.. All in one built trap. Easy to carry,easy to made and easy to manage. Protect your family by using this small box.

Step 1: Material & Items

So here are the list of item needed to build this trap

1- Anti mosquito racket

2- Small Tupperware

3- Duct Tape

4- String or any other thing to tie the racket

5- Battery

6- Knife

7- Small Torchlight

8- Small Mirror

9- Black Paint Spray

10- Yeast

11- Sugar / Glucose

12- Food Leftover / Rotten Fruit

13- Small Bottle (500ml)

14- Coackroach trap / any glue that can last long such as the one that is used to trap rats

15- Box

Step 2: Install Racket

1- Create a small hole that can fix your racket handle at the side or top of your box..Make sure the hole is not at the middle. At least near at a side.

2- Put the batteries into the racket, test it. Press the 'on' button. Then tape the button. Put some pressure on it to ensure the button is pressed 'on'.

3- Put your racket at the hole. Done? Now remove the batteries. Save it for later. Now, tape the racket at the box. Make sure it does not move.

4- Draw the outline around the racket by using marker pen/pencil. Cut the outline you made.

Now let us stick the racket to the box would we?

5- Make a few hole around the racket. Put a string and tie your racket to the box. Tape is not too strong on box. That's why I replaced the tape with string. It depends on you.

Step 3: Mosquito Bait

1- Clean your Tupperware. Dry it up.

2- Put about 2 tablespoon of glucose.

3- Add yeast but not too many.

4- Then add warm water.

Note :
Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold. We gotta make sure that yeast release carbon dioxide.

5- Mix it up and you're ready to go. And you need to test it, not taste it. Because we need a right ratio of yeast, glucose and water. Guess what? It depends on type / origin of mosquito

Step 4: Attraction for Fly

1- Open the bottle cap.
2- Put the leftover into the bottle.

Note :
For better result, add some water and yeast. Done!

Step 5: Installing Fly Trap

1- Make a hole for tip of your bottle at any side of box ( best is at top).

2- Take the bottle cap and make a small hole. You can attach a straw at the hole. Why? We need the smell. Face the straw towards your racket.

3- Make a few small hole at your straw

Step 6: Lizard & Cockroach Trap Setting

First of all, I use the cockcroach trap for both of this animal. Only the bait is different. For cockroaches use its original bait or any food leftover. For lizard however,it is a little big harder.

1- Attach the small mirror into your box. Which side? As long as it can reflect lights(Correct angle)..Then attach your mini torchlight vertically above/below depends on your mirror attachment.. As long as it reflects. I attract other insect to our trap to get attention from our Mr.Lizard.So that when it get into the box, Adios..

2- Make a small hole for lizard and cockroaches to enter

Another choice is by using glue.. Same steps.

Step 7: Black Box

Now to get more attention, we need to change the colour of the box of course. Spray it into black in colour. Let it dry.

Step 8: Operation Black Box

Now test your trap. Best is at dawn.

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