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Introduction: Ultimum Finem: Instructions

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Now, I'm quite aware that this is not my own build (Credit to Transforminglegodude) and that he DID provide instructions (Kind of), but I decided to be a bit more thorough with them, so I did!

Step 1: The Pieces

You will need:

3 1x1 plates (supposedly 5, but I didn't have enough so I replaced 2 with 2 1x1 studs)

5 1x1 cheese slopes (Wedges; the little ones)

4 hinges (plate)

2 1x2 bricks

5 1x1 clips (Dunno what to call them)

5 1x2 clip hinges (The ones with those little bars at the end, not the ones with clips)

2 1x1 brick connector (The one with studs all over)

6 1x2 plates

2 1x2 grill plates

2 headlight bricks

1 1x1 tile

1 2x2 jumper plate

3 1x1 studs

2 1x1 bricks with holes

Step 2: Bottom Half (Warp Drive)

Kinda hard to explain...

(Left Side) You take one of the hinges and connect it to the BOTTOM of the clip hinge. Turn this onto its side (left) and make sure that when you fold out the hinge (not the clip hinge) into 1x4 form that the sides are going into the clip hinge and that the half bulb shape is facing upwards. If not, well, at least you have the right side then.

Repeat the same thing for the ride side, except flip it onto the right side and make sure the half bulb is facing down. If not, you have the left side.

You now want to snap on a 1x1 clip onto the bar end of the hinge clip for both sides. face the clip down. Now get a 1x1 brick with a hole and (for the left side) make sure the brick is on its side and the stud is facing LEFT. Put in a 1x1 stud (Though preferably a 1x1 plate) into the hole facing you. Repeat with the ride side, but make the stud face right. Now connect these to the sides of the 1x1 connector brick, equal distance from each other. Attach the clip (1x1 clip) onto the stud side of both 1x1 bricks with holes. You'll probably notice by now that on one side of the hinge, there is an empty space on both clip builds. Fill that indented space in with the 1x2 grill tiles. On the bottom of each clip build, put a 1x2 plate under the hinge (grill plate side) and a 1x1 plate next to that. Attach a 1x1 stud to the bottom of a cheese slope and connect to the top of the connector. Add a 1x1 tile to the side.

You now have the bottom half.

Step 3: The Top Half

I'm to lazy to describe it right now. Follow the pictures. :)

Step 4: Connection

The pictures speak for themselves.

Step 5: Thank You

Thanks for reading! Please leave positive comments... This is my first Instructable! Credit to Transforminglegodude for the model. For transformation, see Transforminglegodude's Instructable.

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