Ultra Lightweight GOPRO Wrist Mount




Introduction: Ultra Lightweight GOPRO Wrist Mount

This is a mini adventure in the pursuit of light weight gear for being a bird! When vol biv (sky camping) every gram counts. It is also important to be safe. Conventional GoPros' mounted on helmets have the risk of getting lines tangled. Other options like GoPro sticks are additional weight, and can be clumsy and distracting. The first one I made was pretty bad construction, hand stitched and stapled where... needed.. Hopefully from my prototyping and this Instructable you should be able to make a ultra lightweight wrist mount.

All the gear you see is multiple days worth of clothes, camping gear, food, water, and an aircraft. Where will I land? I don't know? where will I fly next? same answer!

Have some fun! go out and explore!

Step 1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I race sailboats, and sometimes the wind in San Francisco Bay blows really hard... (over 25 knots)

In 25knts+ a mistake in crew work and/or boat handling can cause forces to become too high and the old sails can blow out!


I was able to save the material from one such spinnaker blowout. I will be making a number of projects from this material. This is the first one as an Autodesk 2016 AiR (Artist in Residence)

Step 2: Template and Sketches for Velcro Locations

This wrist mount is made from a single piece of fabric. The edges are folded in to double up the material, for both the main wrist strap and the enclosure strap. In the first iteration the enclosure strap was a second piece.. This was a bad idea and risked loosing the camera if the stitching/staples failed. Twice I took the camera off because I was worried that it might fall.

Step 3: Front/Back, Enclosure

There is a main Velcro piece that secures the band to itself, there is also a secondary strap that stabilizes the first attachment point and keeps the camera from falling out... The final Velcro is to secure the camera.

Step 4: Put It on Your Wrist, GO FLY!

I put the camera on as part of my preflight. I have a watch on my left wrist and a camera on my right wrist. Its great for when you turn left or are flying straight, but if you are making hard turns to the right.. you see mostly hip. The really nice part of the mount, is that it is not bulky, so you barely know its there, and you can pan, or look at an item of interest just by rotating your wrist, and you can keep flying safely.

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    7 years ago

    Cant wait to try it


    Reply 7 years ago

    Awesome! looks good!


    7 years ago

    I like how you couldn't get a picture of the actual thing, so you got the reflection of it in your goggles :)