Introduction: Ultra Mini Dart Case From a Mint Tin With a Parts Organizer.

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I love mints. Especially when they come in a cool little tin that I can use for something else. This Instructable takes an Altoids smalls mint tin and turns it into a dart case that's small and still holds everything you might need. Ok you could just throw everything into the case and be done with it, but I'm always trying to find uses for all the Tyvek envelopes that I keep.

I just love Tyvek it's one of my favorite materials. It's durable as all heck and easy to work with. I bet you could make a bullet proof vest out of laminating sheets of it together. For those of you unfamiliar with Tyvek it's those rugged almost fabric like envelopes that you get for free in the post office. I order stuff on eBay all the time and when I get something sent to me in a Tyvek envelope, it's like a double score!


Steel Wool
Dremel with felt buffing bit
Jewelers rouge
1 set of darts (Barrels, shafts, flights, tips)
Tyvek envelope
thread or fishing line

I hate the crappy safety darts that they always have in the bars. So I started carrying my own. With this case I hardly even know that I have them on me. My game got a lot better too.

Step 1: Polish the Tin

The first thing I did was use steel wool to rub off all the paint from the tin. Then I used a dremel polishing bit and some jewelers rouge to get into the nooks and crannies. I think it looks better this way.

Step 2: Sew the Organizer

Ok I have a few materials that I've just got a thing for. Tyvek is one of them. I'm always trying to use Tyvek in my projects.

I just cut a strip out of the Tyvek then folded it in half, so that the top and bottoms are open. Then I just sewed channels in it for the barrels and the shafts. I used braided fishing line, SpiderWire to be specific. It's made out of spectra which is the same material that they used to make bullet proof vests out of. Needless to say it's another one of my favorite materials. But you can just use any rugged thread. I sewed it by hand, but you could use a sewing machine if you have one.

Lucky me the tips fit perfectly on the other side from the barrels. That's it.

I put the flights in the tin first then throw this organizer on top of them and slide the tin cover back on and I'm good to go.