Introduction: Ultra Low Cost Dev/charging Phone Stand

There is my first instructable: How to make a mega-ultra-super cheap phone stand for dev or charging your phone.

Step 1: The Secret Is in the Shape

You'll have to draw this weird shape before cutting it.

The top line is straight, as the bottom and flanks.
Remember the pattern is symmetrical (mirrored).
Few try might be required ;)

Step 2: The Cut

Just follow your drawing with a sharp cutter.
I start from the top.

Be really careful, cutting paper can be dangerous and the cutter might rip off especially on this kind of shape.
Do it gently !

Keep both parts :)

Step 3: USB Cable and And of the First Phase

Now cut a little cross shaped hole and insert the USB cable through.

Phase 1 is complete.

It's usable as-is but as I use it for dev, thus touching the screen, I made a little improvement to make it more stable.

Step 4: Making It a Bit More Stable

Use the previously cut off part.

Refine the edges to make it match the main stand shape and then tape it.

To finish, cut the bottom to make the cable go through.

Step 5: Put the USB Cable Back and Voilà !

Put the USB cable back and voilà :)

Enjoy your new [customizable] phone stand :)

I'm not an artist so mine is barely as is ... maybe some of you will color it or paint it ... I'd be interested to see the result :D

Have fun :)