Introduction: Ultrasimple Wooden Desk Lamp!

Hi there! This is my first Instructable.

Reason that urged to me to do this...

It was at the beginning of the confinement that i had a issue with my Ikea brand night reading lamp. Originally, the lamp had a clamp that i used to hold at the headboard of my bed. But, that clamp was made of plastic and with the passage of time and the continued use, the part broke up. Lockdown, lot of time and good stuff for reading, some leftovers and glue...

Step 1: Remove the Broken Clamp Part of the Lamp

I didn't make photos of the broken clamp and the process but i will tell you that i only made a little longitudinal cut in the joining section of the clamp and then, i removed the clamp from the flexible stem of the lamp. The stem was only inserted and glued to that part.

Step 2: Make the Wooden Base

I had at home some oak wooden leftovers that a carpenter gave to me. I realized that all the clapboards shapes and sizes were more or less the same. But, if it is not your case, you can cut and shape them the same.

At least, you need 5 clapboards of 15 cm long x 6 cm wide x 1 cm tall. One of them is slightly smaller, only 11.5 cms long.

All that clapboards are glued in the form of two parallel slats crossed over two other parallel slats. The last one is crossed to the center on the upper pair, as seen in the image.

Step 3: Inserting the Stem in to the Wooden Base.

You only have to do a hole in the upper clapboard slate and glue the stem base piece into that hole. But, first you have to pass the lamp's inner power cable trough that hole. I had to cut that cable in order to do that then I reconnected the two sections of the cable and put a heat shrinking sleeve to protect it.

Step 4: That's All Folks!

This is the resulting new brand super simple customized wooden lamp!!!

Step 5: Materials You Need

5 wooden slats

1 flexible old recycled lamp. Not too weighy! The Ikea one is perfect!

10 cms heat shrinking sleeve.

Cyano acrylate glue

Hot silicone glue.

Many books to read!