Ultrasonic Sensor Buzzer for Blind

Introduction: Ultrasonic Sensor Buzzer for Blind

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Dear Friends,

I have made a ultrasonic sensor with buzzer for blind, This ultrasonic sensor detects the the object and the buzzer makes a kind of sound which can help blind people that there is an object in front of them.


  • Arduino
  • Ultrasonic sensor(ping)
  • Resistor 100(ohms)
  • Piezo Buzzer

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

  • I have used 3 pin ultrasonic sensor(ping), I have connected GND to ardiuno GND, 5v to arduino 5v and sig to arduino 8 pin.
  • I have used piezo buzzer for the indication of sound and added resistor to control the current.

Step 2: Progamming

In this code I have written both code combined as you can see in the picture attached, first I have written ultrasonic sensor and buzzer in void setup and void loop.

Please find below the link for my tinkercad project.


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