Introduction: Under 15 Minutes and $3 Homemade Flat-bread Pizza

Trick your friends and family into thinking that you are a trained chef! This Homemade Flat-bread Pizza will make any night quick, cheep, and healthy! Bet the fast food chains can't say that!

Step 1: Preheat Oven

Preheat your oven according to the flat-breads that you get. Ours say to preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Step 2: Spread Oil

Layout your flat-breads on a baking pan or a pizza stone. We used a pizza stone. Then take your selected oil and spread a light layer evenly over your flat-bread.

Flat-bread: We get a pack of 12 for $6 at Costco (We got them on sale for $5 this time!) - Each flat-bread is $0.50

Selected Oil: We found this oil on sale at Kroger, but use any combination of oil and spices to make what you would like!: $1.00 for the whole jar of oil (which will last for months! What a steal!). It only cost just a few cents for how little we used.

Running Total for One Flat-bread: $0.52

Step 3: Add Cheese

Add your selected cheese that you would like on your flat-bread. We use fresh mozzarella from Aldi or a hometown organic grocery store that we then cut up ourselves. They are both just as cheep and sound squeaky fresh! Add as much or as little cheese as you would like. We normally add about a quarter of the mozzarella cheese ball to each flat-bread and use the other half for meals in the next few days.

Mozzarella: The ball of Mozzarella was $2.75 and we only used a quarter of it on this flat-bread. - Quarter of the Mozzarella was $0.69

Running Total on One Flat-Bread: $1.21

Step 4: Add a Pepper

Cut your pepper up into as thick or thin of slices as you would like and add a little pepper on your flat-bread. Normally, we add about half a pepper onto each flat-bread. We recommend that you do a red or yellow pepper, but the ones at the grocery store this week did not look very good.

Pepper: Each pepper is $1.00 at Aldi or Kroger. - Half a pepper is $0.50

Running Total on One Flat-bread: $1.72

Step 5: Add Goat Cheese

This is where we normally splurge and get a little crazy by adding goat cheese onto the top of our flat-bread pizzas. make sure that you don't add too much or it can be overpowering. We recommenced that you only add about a quarter of one of the featured goat cheese logs onto one flat-bread and that you cut it up over the flat-bread because it can flake off of the goat cheese log. Also, if you can find this goat cheese with honey, it is absolutely fantastic!

Goat Cheese: We love the goat cheese with honey log that we have only been successful at finding at Aldi. It is $3.50 for the log. Normally, we do a apple, walnut, and goat cheese salad the next day with the leftover goat cheese to use it up before it goes bad. - Quarter of the goat cheese is $0.88

Running Total for One Flat-bread: $2.60

Step 6: Place the Flat-bread in the Oven

Place your Flat-bread in the Oven and follow the directions that come with the flat-bread to see how long they will be in there for. If it does not say how long, start with checking on them at the 5 minute mark. Normally ours are in the oven for about 6-8 minutes. Just enough time to get the kitchen clean and pull out plates and drinks for dinner!

Step 7: Add Toppings

Once you pull the flat-breads out of the oven, add a few toppings of your choice! We recommend the featured glaze and/or Italian seasoning.

Glaze: We found it at Aldi for $3.00 a bottle and its delicious. It adds a little sweet to the flat-bread. Only use a little bit for each flat-bread or, just like the goat cheese, the glaze can be overpowering. - Amount of Glaze for one Flat-bread is about $0.10

Italian Seasoning: You can get Italian seasoning at Walmart for $1.00 and it will last for a very long time. You only need a few shakes on each flat-bread so the cost is only a couple of cents.

Running Total for One Flat-bread: $2.72

Step 8: Enjoy

Now it's time to enjoy your flat-bread and share it with the world when people come knocking on your door!

Let us know about what you experiment with as toppings by commenting! Enjoy!

Running Total for One Flat-bread: $2.72

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