Unearthed Fingers




Introduction: Unearthed Fingers

I love Marzipan. Not only is it delicious, but it makes the best edible clay; also it kind of looks like skin. For this disgusting looking but yummy candy, you only need two ingredients: Marzipan and Cocoa.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need:

I used a bamboo skewer to shape the marzipan, you could also use clean clay tools or a knife. You will also need a clean paint brush or clean paper towels to brush off the extra cocoa powder.

Step 2: Materials You Will Need:

Marzipan and cocoa: I got about twenty fingers out of a 7oz. tube of marzipan, you will only need a little bit of cocoa, for dusting the fingers.

Step 3: Form Your Fingers.

Step 4: Add Detail

You've got ten great models, use them!

Step 5: Dust With Cocoa.

Either drop your fingers into your cocoa or brush cocoa on them, remove excess cocoa with your paintbrush.

Step 6: Give Good Taste the Finger!

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5 years ago on Introduction

They look great! You should jam a pretzel stick into them so they crunch when you bite them.

Ewww that's gross, aka totally awesome! They really do like fingers, kudos on your sculpting skills! Thanks for sharing!


5 years ago

Twistidly tasty:) Very nice!