Uni-Rover | Skype Controlled Telepresence Robot Tank

Introduction: Uni-Rover | Skype Controlled Telepresence Robot Tank

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UNI Rover is designed as multipurpose rover, which help the humans in reducing the workload in several ways. They are mainly designed to serve the humans according to their needs during their work. This is technically an intelligent machine running mechanically and partial electrical. This rover has been made with less complication for the user/customer, so that they should not worry about the interference of their limitation in their knowledge regarding the rover. Our Rover is totally aiming for the overall efficiency and one hundred percent it will be capable for achieving its given task. Usually rovers consume more electricity for the juice to work, but UNI Rover, is fully electrical efficient that it will consume reasonable amount of electrical energy for charging i.e. 220 V. This rover can fully within 30 min – 1hr max where it will run for 7 – 8 hr efficiently. Unlike other rovers it is equipped with solar panel so that it will not run out of charge easily.

UNI Rover is can withstand any climatic conditions like summer, winter or even rain, snow fall etc. It is equipped will advanced chain wheels to bump over any surfaces, strong aluminum body gives relief from stress, highly equipped arms and scooper with servo to lift and drag weight, solar panel coated with crystalline silicon to prevent it damaging due to climate changes, and lastly the rover is in motion using the Skype call technology.

The main aim of the rover is to act as a Snow/Sand Scooper, as a communicating Agent, Planet Exploration, Archeological exploration etc which will be explained in detail further in the different topic.

Step 1: The Whole Construction

Step 2: The Operation

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