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This instructable will be on how to make a unicorn costume using a hoodie as the base.

I have always wanted to be a unicorn. They have magic horns! They have pretty manes! And historically, they are very dangerous! Therefore, I would be a unicorn for Halloween. So I was. I was a fantastic unicorn. And using this instructable, you can be a unicorn too! Yay!

Step 1: Planning.


  • Thick, plain white sweatshirt. You can use a sweater but it would need to be thick. Buy this from a thrift store.
  • Plain white sweatpants. I ended up using leggings, you really use anything plain and white and pants. Also buy this from a thrift store.
  • Red, yellow, green, blue, and purple yarn. You can use orange if you really want to. My local craft store didn't have a good shade. I used Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn, it was thin enough, cheap enough, and cotton.
  • Silver/white glitter felt. You really don't need a lot, I bought a tiny 9x12 sheet.
  • Plain white felt. Again, you don't need a ton, I used a 9x12 sheet.
  • Bright pink felt. This you need more of, the tiny pink sheets won't cut it unless you are making this for a small child. To tell the truth, I don't remember the exact dimensions of the fabric I used, I ordered a lot more than I needed. It was around 15x20 inches. This is what I bought, in shocking pink.
  • Green felt. You don't need a lot of this, while I already had some in stock, I would suggest using a 9x12 sheet.
  • Silver embroidery thread. I already had some in stock, but it was just like this.
  • Pink thread to match the felt. Something like this.
  • Small amounts of stuffing. Find this one yourself, I'm tired of searching for links.


  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Regular needle and embroidery needle. Basically, a basic needle and a thick needle. I guess you could use an awl instead of the thick needle, but I don't own one and have no clue how I would use it.
  • Regular and fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Cardboard
  • Parchment paper
  • Regular paper
  • Tape


  • How to sew a running stitch.
  • How to sew a whip stitch
  • If you don't know, learn! It's a great skill to know. Try checking out instructable's class on it.

Step 2: Stomach Prep

Create a paper template for your felt.

Draw out a paper template for your stomach. The size may vary from person to person, but I ended up using a 12x15 inch egg like thing. To make the shape symmetrical, I folded the template in half and edited it a bit to make it a better shape at the bottom and top. I also repeatedly held the template up to the stomach to see if it would fit. My stomach was bigger than a single sheet of paper so I had to tape multiple sheets together.

Stab (with pins)

Once your sheet is cut out and pin it to the felt.


But before you cut you should check that the shape where you want it to be and the right size multiple times. Better to be safe than sorry. Use your fabric scissors and try to cut slowly and smoothly to avoid jagged edges.

Stab some more

Pin your felt to the sweatshirt. make sure it is exactly where you want it. Mine was about an inch from the bottom of my sweatshirt.

Step 3: Sewing Up the Stomach

They call me "the tailor" because of how I "thread the needle"

Thread a needle that will fit your fabric size and tie a knot at the bottom to stop the thread from pulling through.


Using a running stitch, sew your stomach onto your sweatshirt. You want to leave a hole at the top so that the pink area is a pocket, so start sewing about 1 inch down from the top and continue sewing around until you hit that distance from the top. When done, cut the thread and tie a knot to secure the stitches. You now have a stomach.

Step 4: Unicorn With Sparkle Horn


Using paper, create a horn shape by curling the paper into a cone. Check the horn's size against the hood. My horn had a bottom diameter of 1.5 inches. Once you have a good shape, roll the sparkle felt into the same shape. Pin the horn so that it stays in place.

Hot Glue

Pump out hot glue along the edge of the sparkle felt, and press it down so that the horn stays closed. Cut off the bottom so you have a decent sized horn.

Fill it up, then sew it up!

Stuff your horn with stuffing! You can use a pencil or something to pack the stuffing in. Cut out a circle of felt that will fit onto the bottom of your horn. A little bigger than necessary is best. Thread your needle and knot the bottom. Using the whip stitch, sew the circle along the bottom of the horn, making sure all the stuffing stays in. Snip the thread and know the bottom, and you have the horn base!

Step 5: Spiral!


Hold the silver embroidery thread to the base of your horn, and put hot glue on top of the thread to hold it in place. Let it cool. Tightly wrap the thread around the horn until you reach the top, and hold the thread and glue it once more.


My thread kept popping off my horn, and there's probably a better way to do this where that doesn't happen, but I don't know what that would be. But this is not really the best method to the horn.

Step 6: Flowery Flower Part 1


Using some sort of tracer (I used a spray bottle cap I found on the floor that seemed good), trace about 30 circles and cut them out.


Place a dab of hot glue on the outer edge of one of your circles. Press another circle on top of the hot glue so that only the outer edges are overlapping. Repeat this until you have 10 flowers hot glued in a chain.


Roll the chain of circles until you have a nice, even roll.

Step 7: Flowery Flower Part 2

Final Gluing

Add a dot of hot glue to the outermost circle and Glue the circle to the edge so that your circles are all connected in a permanent roll.


Cut off whichever side of the roll you like less so that the flower stays flat when glued to the hood.


Curl the circles down so that they look at nice and flowery. Make 2 more flowers for a total of 3. Put them aside for arranging later.

Step 8: Leaves


Cut out about 6 small, leafy shapes. I made them have a flatter bottom so that the next step would be easier.


Press the two edges of the bottom of the leaf together with hot glue so that the leaf curls up and is 3D. Do this on all the leaves, and set them aside for later.

Step 9: Attach (With Glue!)


Decide where you want the horn to be on the hood. I taped mine there to make sure the horn was exactly where I wanted it, then put hot glue on the edges and stuck it on.


I had 3 flowers, which I arranged around the front of the horn and stuck on with more hot glue.


Arrange your leaves around the flowers and hot glue them down. Congratulations, you have a sparkle horn!

Step 10: Wrapping


Measure from your horn to where you want your mane to end. This will be the length of your mane. Cut a piece of cardboard to that height. Mine was about 16 inches.

Fold a piece of cardboard to half the size you want your mane. Mine was about 4 inches.

Wrap the cardboard in parchment paper.


Hot glue the start of your first color of yarn to the top of the base. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard until you have the right amount of yarn so that all the stripes are even. Cut the yarn and glue the end piece to the same edge of the strip as the first bit of glue. Make sure that every time you glue a color on, the glue is on the same edge of the strip. My stripes were 3.2 inches, which is 16 (my length) divided by how many stripes I wanted (5). Repeat this with all your colors until you have a full strip, and all the colors are used.

Step 11: Join


Along the edge where all the glue is, hot glue the yarn all so that the edge is completely covered in glue. Let the glue harden.


Cut along the edge opposite to the glued one, so that the entire thing is in half. The mane should hold together, although some strands may fall out.


Repeat this and the previous step until you have 3 separate manes.

Step 12: Mane Event


With the side with glue on it facing down, glue a line down the center of your hood and press the mane along the glue. Repeat the process for the other two manes, gluing them to the side of the center part. Repeat this for the entire length of the mane.

Step 13: Ear Template

Outer Ear

I used the template in black above, but you don't have to.

Pin the template to the white felt with the felt folded in half so you can make two ears at once. Cut out the template.

Inner Ear

For this, I modified the outer ear template by cutting around the edges so that the inside was a smaller clone. Pin the template to the pink felt with the felt folded in half to make two identical copies at once.

Pin Together

Pin the inner ear on top of the outer ear so that there is even space all around. Fold the bottom over itself to give the ear more dimension, and pin that in place. Do this for both ears.

Step 14: Sew Ears


Thread the needle and all that with pink or white thread, depending on which side you want to show. Using the running stitch, sew all around the pink so that it is firmly attached to the white. Do this for both ears.

Step 15: Glue Ears

Flappy Part

So that the ears have more dimension, put hot glue over where the folded parts touch and wait for it to dry.

Onto the Head

Put some hot glue on the bottom of an ear and stick it onto the head. Do the same thing with the other ear, making sure they are evenly spaced.

Step 16: Tail


Wrap yarn around a long board the length you want your tail, color by color.


Tie a knot using leftover yarn around the top of the tail so that all the yarn stays together. Make sure it is tight and secure.


Cut the yarn at the end opposite the knot.


Looping some yarn through the knot, thread a tapestry needle and just sew the tail into the bottom of the shirt. An awl would probably work better, but I don't own one.

(I forgot to take pictures, sorry!)

Step 17: Be a Unicorn

Put on your white pants and magical rainbow hoodie, and go! Live out your sparkly, rainbow dreams and be a unicorn!

Some issues I came across after wearing the costume several times:

  • The stomach ripped after I kept reaching into it to grab my phone.
  • The spiral on the horn undid and stopped being spirally.

Also a big thank you to my mom for taking me places to buy stuff and taking photos, and to the person who made this, which was the costume that inspired mine.

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